Grapefruit + Mint Spritzer.

If you’re looking for a light and refreshing beverage full of flavor, you’ll love this simple how-to recipe for mixing your own Grapefruit and Mint Spritzer. Full of bubbly effervescence, this drink is great for a brunch as it’s beautiful in color and with the mint garnish.

During the summer months, there’s nothing like a tall glass of ice cold water to quench your thirst. But if I am ever craving more flavor, this spritzer is a drink that satisfies my thirst and flavor palette on those hot and humid days.

There’s just something about how mint compliments citrus that makes this drink so delicious to me. When I used to visit my Grandmother as a child, she would make homemade lemonade and add in a few mint leaves to my glass. This citrus + mint combo is one that I love to recreate in different drinks, especially during the summer time. She actually had a grapefruit tree growing right out side her front door (in South Florida) and we’d often times walk right outside and pick one for breakfast in the morning.

Grapefruit and Mint Spritzer by heirloomed

I love using the mint simple syrup recipe in this spritzer because it adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the spritzer’s tang and fizz. For an even mintier flavor, enjoy this spritzer over fresh mint ice cubes. You could even take this one up a notch and turn it into a cocktail by substituting the seltzer water with Prosecco. But I just love styling with these Boylan Seltzers, they’re so well designed, tasty and have some fun cane sugar beverages (and more).

Grapefruit and Mint Spritzer by heirloomed

Grapefruit + Mint Spritzer

Yield: 6-8
Nothing says refreshing like a tall glass of this grapefruit + mint spritzer. Try as-is on a hot day or jazz it up for a summer cocktail party.


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar 
  • 1 cup fresh mint leave, torn
  • 4 pink grapefruits, juiced (approx. 2 cups of juice)
  • Club soda
  • Fresh grapefruit wedge + mint for garnish


How to cook Grapefruit + Mint Spritzer

  1. In a small saucepan on high heat, combine water and sugar until sugar dissolves completely. Bring to a simmer and remove heat. 
  2. Stir in mint leaves then set aside to steep and cool for 1-2 hours. 
  3. Strain mint leaves from syrup & discard the leaves. 
  4. Juice grapefruits into a small pitcher and refrigerate until you're ready to use. 
  5. Add 1/4 cups of grapefruit juice, 2 tablespoons of mint syrup, and ice to a glass. Top off with club soda and garnish. Enjoy!
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This is such an easy drink recipe I like to make to enjoy with my kids in our backyard, but it is also such an easy recipe to jazz up for a summer cocktail party with a splash of vodka or gin. Let me know how you make this spritzer in the comments below.

Mint Simple Syrup by heirloomed
Grapefruit Juicer by heirloomed
Fresh Grapefruit Juice by heirloomed
Grapefruit and Mint Spritzer by heirloomed


Grapefruit and mint spritzer perfect for a summer cocktail party.



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