A Decade.

This Fall we are celebrating TEN YEARS in business. Because I think in "generational" terms, we'll call it A DECADE. I can hardly believe it.  I've been doing a lot of soul searching and getting back to the ethos of our brand to find exactly the right way to celebrate this milestone, and our celebration starts today.

Celebrating 10 years

What started as a hobby and a way to spend more time with my Grandmother, turned into this special place where we share stories, learn recipes, and truly design the next generation of heirlooms. As I always share, my Grandmother was a master seamstress and could entertain like no one else. We ate on china for holidays, she read aloud classic books to us like Little Women, and she baked holiday cookies for weeks upon weeks in preparation. Her inspiration is so present in our brand today and it makes me smile.

While some may know us as IceMilk Aprons and some as heirloomed, the path has been fairly straightforward as we haven't strayed from our roots - goods inspired by the past, for generations to enjoy. But what I was reminded of in between branding exercises and knee deep in business books (read : #biznerd #entrepreneurlife) was our MISSION : helping families to create tradition, learn artisanal skills, make memories, and share stories to keep these heirlooms alive for another generation. Or more simply - to keep heirlooms alive for another generation.

It's a simple statement but a lofty goal. As we shift from wedding registries that include fine china to those that instead have vacuum cleaners, move to "fast-fashion" trends and move towards microwaved TV meals instead of family supper it is a mission I'm driven by and passionate about each and every day. The thread of our mission can be seen in each and every detail that drives our business.

Over the next few months, you'll be seeing more and more of this mission. You'll see more content from us here on the blog and through our social media communities, and more frequent emails from us as we move this mission forward. You'll see some subtle changes, some new products and even some fresh collaborations.

But today I say a true and heartfelt THANK YOU. Thank you for letting me be an entrepreneur and live my passion, for allowing the roots of my family and my Grandmother's inspiration to shine, for supporting our small family business, and for cherishing these special heirlooms we are creating.

As we look forward to the next decade, we're asking that you take a quick moment to answer just 10 short questions as part of our survey. The feedback we receive will be instrumental in helping us to grow in the right direction. And, as part of the celebration and because we so value your feedback, each survey participant will be entered to win $500 to shop our site. Click to enter.

Most sincerely,


Laundry, laundry, laundry.

With 3 little kiddos, workout clothes for two and our daily wardrobe, not to mention bed sheets, towels, and bibs, we have a LOT of laundry around here. This is one area I really had to create a process for so it didn't become too overwhelming.

laundry room steele canvas

Thought it might be fun to share our laundry space and a few of the things that have made this chore a lot more tolerable in our home.

To start, I love our laundry room and making it visually pleasing is always my first step. The basin soaking sink is perfect for wet cloths and soaking out those t-ball stains and I love the vintage, utilitarian look. I found the old sign back when I was in college at a little antique store in the mountains and snatched it up immediately.

neutral laundry room
steele canvas laundry basket

Secondly, I'm a big believer in sorting your laundry, so our Steele Canvas roller and basket help me keep everything together, and looking great. I generally put the whites in the little basket to keep them separated. Each of our bedrooms has a laundry basket, so the large roller is perfect for everyone to dump their own laundry into and it's a super simple chore my little guys can easily take part in.

Last, my biggest pet peeve about laundry is that you can't just knock it out. It's a process with steps and waiting times and it's the folding / sorting / putting away that always gets me. I've started listening to podcasts while folding and it's made the whole process feel so much more productive and enjoyable. Love any recommendations if you have some good ones on your list!

laundry room lighting
vintage laundry faucets
black beehive laundry room tile
some restrictions may apply. steele canvas has provided two bins for this giveaway.